Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research


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2017, Volume 7, Number 4

Yuanzhi Ke, Masafumi Hagiwara
An English Neural Network that Learns Texts, Finds Hidden Knowledge, and Answers Questions, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp. 229-242
Gennaro Notomista, Michael Botsch
A Machine Learning Approach for the Segmentation of Driving Maneuvers and its Application in Autonomous Parking, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp. 243-255
Toshifumi Minemoto, Teijiro Isokawa, Haruhiko Nishimura, Nobuyuki Matsui
Pseudo-Orthogonalization of Memory Patterns for Complex-Valued and Quaternionic Associative Memories, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp. 257-264
Guido Bologna ,Yoichi Hayashi
Characterization of Symbolic Rules Embedded in Deep DIMLP Networks: a Challenge to Transparency of Deep Learning, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp. 265-286
Jeffrey Jonathan (Joshua) Davis, Chin-Teng Lin, Grant Gillett, and Robert Kozma
An Integrative Approach to Analyze EEG Signals and Human Brain Dynamics in Different Cognitive States, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp.287-299

2017, Volume 7, Number 3

V. Susheela Devi, Lakhpat Meena
PARALLEL MCNN (PMCNN) WITH APPLICATION TO PROTOTYPE SELECTION ON LARGE AND STREAMING DATA, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp. 155-169
Martin Schlueter, Masaharu Munetomo
MIDACO PARALLELIZATION SCALABILITY ON 200 MINLP BENCHMARKS, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp. 171-181
Corina Rotar, Laszlo Barna Iantovics
DIRECTED EVOLUTION – A NEW METAHEURISTC FOR OPTIMIZATION, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp. 183-200
Peng Yan
MAPREDUCE AND SEMANTICS ENABLED EVENT DETECTION USING SOCIAL MEDIA, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp. 201-213
Najeeb Alam Khan, Amber Shaikh

2017, Volume 7, Number 2

Shiqin Yang, Yuji Sato
Swarm Intelligence Algorithm Based on Competitive Predators With Dynamic Virtual Teams, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, 2017, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 87-101
Ismat Beg, Tabasam Rashid
Modelling Uncertainties in Multi-Criteria Decision Making Using Distance Measure and Topsis for Hesitant Fuzzy Sets, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, 2017, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 103-109
Han Liu, Alexander Gegov, Mihaela Cocea
Rule Based Networks: An Efficient and Interpretable Representation of Computational Models, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, 2017, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 111-123
Oscar Chang, Patricia Constante, Andres Gordon, Marco Singana
A Novel Deep Neural Network That Uses Space-Time Features for Tracking And Recognizing a Moving Object, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, 2017, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 125-136
Andri Riid, Jurgo-Soren Preden
Design of Fuzzy Rule-Based Classifiers Through Granulation and Consolidation, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, 2017, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 137-147

2017, Volume 7, Number 1

Cristian Rodríguez Rivero, Julián Pucheta, Sergio Laboret, Víctor Sauchelli, Daniel Patińo
Energy associated tuning method for short-term series forecasting by complete and incomplete datasets, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp. 5–16,
Taro Tezuka, Christophe Claramunt
Kernel Analysis for Estimating the Connectivity of a Network with Event Sequences, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 17–31,
Mukesh Prasad, Yu-Ting Liu, Dong-Lin Li, Chin-Teng Lin, Rajiv Ratn Shah, Om Prakash Kaiwartya
A New Mechanism for Data Visualization with TSK-type Preprocessed Collaborative Fuzzy Rule based System, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 33-46,
Khalid Almohammadi, Hani Hagras, Daniyal Alghazzawi, Ghadah Aldabbagh
A Survey of Artificial Intelligence Techniques Employed for Adaptive Educational Systems within E-Learning Platforms, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 47-64,
Thomas Villmann, Andrea Bohnsack, Marika Kaden
Can Learning Vector Quantization be an Alternative to SVM and Deep Learning? - Recent trends and advanced variants of Learning Vector Quantization for Classification Learning, Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 65–81,

2016, Volume 6, Number 4

István Á. Harmati , Ádám Bukovics, László T. Kóczy
Minkowski’s Inequality Based Sensitivity Analysis of Fuzzy Signatures
Ítalo Brasileiro, Iallen Santos, André Soares, Ricardo Rabêlo, Felipe Mazullo
Ant Colony Optimization Applied to the Problem of Choosing the Best Combination among M Combinations of Shortest Paths in Transparent Optical Networks
Christina Brester, Eugene Semenkin, Maxim Sidorov
Multi-Objective Heuristic Feature Selection for Speech-Based Multilingual Emotion Recognition
Kai Lan, Kosuke Sekiyama
Autonomous Viewpoint Selection of Robot Based on Aesthetic Evaluation of a Scene
Matthew F. Tennyson, Deitra A. Kuester, John Casteel, Christos Nikolopoulos
Accessible Robots for Improving Social Skills of Individuals with Autism

2016, Volume 6, Number 3

Hui Wei
A Bio-Inspired Integration Method for Object Semantic Representation
Zheng Yin, Conall O'Sullivan, Anthony Brabazon
An Analysis of the Performance of Genetic Programming for Realised Volatility Forecasting
Vladimir Stanovov, Eugene Semenkin, Olga Semenkina
Self-configuring hybrid evolutionary algorithm for fuzzy imbalanced classification with adaptive instance selection
Cheng-Hong Yang, Sin-Hua Moi, Yu-Da Lin, Li-Yeh Chuang
Genetic algorithm combined with a local search method for identifying susceptibility genes
Shogo Nonaka, Takeshi Tsujimura, and Kiyotaka Izumi
Gain Design of Quasi-continuous Exponential Stabilizing Controller for a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot

2016, Volume 6, Number 2

Khalid Almohammadi, Hani Hagras, Daniyal Alghazzawi, Ghadah Aldabbagh
Users-Centric Adaptive Learning System Based on Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic for Massively Crowded E-learning Platform
Vladimir Nikulin
Prediction of the Shoppers Loyalty with Aggregated Data Streams
Joao Roberto Bertini Junior, Maria do Carmo Nicoletti
Enhancing Constructive Neural Network Performance Using Functionally Expanded Input Data
Khai Phuc Nguyen, Goro Fujita, Vo Ngoc Dieu
Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Optimal Placement and Sizing of Static VAR Compensator in Large-Scale Power Systems
Miguel Leon, Ning Xiong
Adapting Differential Evolution Algorithms for Continuous Optimization via Greedy Adjustment of Control Parameters

2016, Volume 6, Number 1

Eren Bas
The Training of Multiplicative Neuron Model Artificial Neural Networks with Differential Evolution Algorithm for Forecasting
Jabbar Abbas
The Bipolar Choquet Integrals Based on Ternary-Element Sets
Ahmed M. Serdah, Wesam M. Ashour
Clustering Large-scale Data Based on Modified Affinity Propagation Algorithm
Yoichi Hayashi, Yuki Tanaka, Tomohiro Takagi, Takamichi Saito, Hideaki Iiduka, Hiroaki Kikuchi, Guido Bologna, Sushmita Mitra
Recursive-Rule Extraction Algorithm with J48Graft and Applications to Generating Credit Scores
Aleksandra Rutkowska
Influence of Membership Function's Shape on Portfolio Optimization Results

2015, Volume 5, Number 4

Mehdi Hosseinzadeh Aghdam, Setareh Heidari
Feature Selection Using Particle Swarm Optimization in Text Categorization
Ahmad Fouad El-Samak, Wesam Ashour
Optimization of Traveling Salesman Problem Using Affinity Propagation Clustering and Genetic Algorithm
Masaki Murata, Satoshi Ito, Masato Tokuhisa, Qing Ma
Order Estimation of Japanese Paragraphs by Supervised Machine Learning and Various Textual Features
Guocheng Wang, Shiguo Zhang
ABM with behavioral Bias and Applications in Simulating China Stock Market
Hirofumi Miyajima, Noritaka Shigei, Hiromi Miyajima
Performance Comparison of Hybrid Electromagnetism-like Mechanism Algorithms with Descent Method

2015, Volume 5, Number 3

Ryozo Kitajima, Ryotaro Kamimura
Accumulative Information Enhancement in the Self-organizing Maps and its Application to the Analysis of Mission Statements
Taisuke Akimoto, Takashi Ogata
Experimental development of a Focalization Mechanism in an Integrated Narrative Generation System
Tharindu Weerakoon, Kazuo Ishii, Amir Ali Forough Nassiraei
An Artificial Potential Field Based Mobile Robot Navigation Method to Prevent from Deadlock
Qian Chen, Robert K. Abercrombie, Frederick T. Sheldon
Risk Assessment for Industrial Control Systems Quantifying Availability using Mean Failure Cost (MFC)
Yuya Yamamoto, Tomohiro Yoshikawa, Takeshi Furuhashi
Improvement of Performance of Japanese P300 Speller by Using Second Display

2015, Volume 5, Number 2

Dharshana Kasthurirathna, Mahendra Piraveenan, Shahadat Uddin
Evolutionary Stable Strategies in Networked Games: The Influence of Topology
Hisayoshi Sugiyama
Pulsed Power Network Based on Decentralized Intelligence for Reliable and Low Loss Electrical Power Distribution
Sou Nobukawa, Haruhiko Nishimura, Teruya Yamanishi, Jian-Qin Liu
Chaotic States Induced by Resetting Process in Izhikevich Neuron Model
Opeyemi Bello, Javier Holzmann, Tanveer Yaqoob, Catalin Teodoriu
Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods in Drilling System Design and Operations: A Review of the State of the Art
Shigeaki Sakurai, Minoru Nishizawa
A New Approach for Discovering Top-K Sequential Patterns based on the Variety of Items

2015, Volume 5, Number 1

Che-Hung Lin, Fang-Yan Dong, Kaoru Hirota
Common Driving Notification Protocol based on Classified Driving Behavior for Cooperation Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle Using Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network Technology
Pascal Held, Alexander Dockhorn, Rudolf Kruse
On Merging and Dividing Social Graphs
Felix Jimenez, Tomohiro Yoshikawa, Takeshi Furuhashi, Masayoshi Kanoh
An Emotional Expression Model for Educational-Support Robots
Chayashree Patgiri, Mousmita Sarma, Kandarpa Kumar Sarma
A Class of Neuro-Computational Methods for Assamese Fricative Classification
Daisuke Saitoh, Kazuyuki Hara
Mutual Learning Using Nonlinear Perceptron

2014, Volume 4, Number 4

Gerasimos G. Rigatos, P. Siano
Flatness-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Spark-Ignited Engines
Zahid Akhtar, Ajita Rattani, Gian Luca Foresti
Temporal Analysis of Adaptive Face Recognition
Julian Scott Yeomans
A Parametric Testing of the Firefly Algorithm in the Determination of the Optimal Osmotic Drying Parameters of Mushrooms
Wenbing Zhao, Roanna Lun, Deborah D. Espy, M. Ann Reinthal
Realtime Motion Assessment for Rehabilitation Exercises: Integration of Kinematic Modeling with Fuzzy Inference
Kamel Aissat, Ammar Oulamara
A Priori Approach of Real-Time Ridesharing Problem with Intermediate Meeting Locations

2014, Volume 4, Number 3

Adriano S. Koshiyama, Marley M. B. R. Vellasco, Ricardo Tanscheit
GPFIS-Control: A Genetic Fuzzy System for Control Tasks
Zhenyuan Wang, Li Zhang-Westman
A New Ranking Method for Fuzzy Numbers by Their Expansion Center
Simone A. Ludwig
Repulsive Self-adaptive Acceleration Particle Swarm Optimization Approach
Rajesh Thiagarajan, Mustafizur Rahman, Don Gossink, Greg Calbert
A Data Mining Approach to Improve Military Demand Forecasting
Edgar Camargo, Jose Aguilar
Advanced Supervision of Oil Wells based on Soft Computing Techniques

2014, Volume 4, Number 2

Shi Cheng, Yuhui Shi, ,Quande Qin, Qingyu Zhang, Ruibin Bai
Population Diversity Maintenance in Brain Storm Optimization Algorithm
Po-Ming Lee, Tzu-Chien Hsiao
Applying LCS to Affective Image Classification in Spatial-Frequency Domain
Felix Jimenez, Masayoshi Kanoh, Tomohiro Yoshikawa, Takeshi Furuhashi, Tsuyoshi Nakamura
Effect of Robot Utterances Using Onomat on Collaborative Learning
Xiaoguang Wang, Nathalie Japkowicz, Stan Matwin
Automated Approach to Classification of Mine-like Objects Using Multiple-Aspect Sonar Images
Tomasz Bruzdzinski, Adam Krzyzak, Thomas Fevens, Lukasz Jelen
Web-based Framework for Breast Cancer Classification

2014, Volume 4, Number 1

Joseph Lin Chu, Adam Krzyzak
The Recognition of Partially Occluded Objects with Support Vector Machines, Convolutional Neural Networks and Deep Belief Networks
Sisanda Makinana, Tendani Malumedzha, Fulufhelo V. Nelwamondo
Quality Parameter Assessment on Iris Images
Tatiana Tambouratzis, Dora Souliou, Miltiadis Chalikias, Andreas Gregoriades
Maximising Accuracy and Efficiency of Traffic Accident Prediction Combining Information Mining with Computational Intelligence Approaches and Decision Trees
Min Chen, Simone A. Ludwig
Particle Swarm Optimization Based Fuzzy Clustering Approach to Identify Optimal Number of Clusters
Sujit Das, Samarjit Kar, Tandra Pal
Group Decision Making Using Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Matrix and Confident Weight of Experts

2013, Volume 3, Number 4

Davide Anguita, Luca Ghelardoni, Alessandro Ghio, Sandro Ridella
A Survey of Old and New Results for the Test Error Estimation of a Classifier
Samira Arabgol, Hoo Sang Ko
Application of Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm to Healthcare Waste Prediction
Marco Antonio Cruz Chavez, Alina Martinez Oropeza
B-Tree Algorithm Complexity Analysis to Evaluate the Feasibility of its Application in the University Course Timetabling Problem
Behnam Karimi, Adam Krzyzak
A Novel Approach for Automatic Detection and Classification of Suspicious Lesions in Breast Ultrasound Images
Michal Romaszewski, Piotr Gawron, Sebastian Opozda
Dimensionality Reduction of Dynamic Mesh Animations Using HO-SVD

2013, Volume 3, Number 3

Boris Stilman
Mosaic Reasoning for Discoveries
Qiming Zhao, Hao Xu, S. Jagannathan
Fixed Final Time Optimal Adaptive Control of Linear Discrete-Time Systems in Input-Output Form
Yilmaz Kilicaslan, Gurkan Tuna
An NLP-Based Approach for Improving Human-Robot Interaction
Prabhakar Mishra, Anirudh Viswanathan
Computationally Inexpensive Appearance Based Terrain Learning in Unknown Environments
Komla Agbenyo Folly
Parallel PBIL Applied to Power System Controller Design

2013, Volume 3, Number 2

Tatiana Tambouratzis, Dina Chernikova, Imre Pazsit
Pulse Shape Discrimination of Neutrons and Gamma Rays Using Kohonen Artificial Neural Networks
Dharshana Kasthurirathna, Mahendra Piraveenan, Gnanakumar Thedchanamoorthy
On the Influence of Topological Characteristics on Robustness of Complex Networks
Saurav Mallik, Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Ujjwal Maulik
Integrated Statistical and Rule-Mining Techniques for DNA Methylation and Gene Expression Data Analysis
Syibrah Naim, Hani Hagras
A Big-Bang Big-Crunch Optimized General Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Approach for Multi-Criteria Group Decision Making
Abbas Biniaz, Ataollah Abbasi
Segmentation and Edge Detection Based on Modified Ant Colony Optimization for Iris Image Processing

2013, Volume 3, Number 1

Steven D. Wiederman, David C. O'Carroll
Biologically Inspired Feature Detection Using Cascaded Correlations of Off and On Channels
Abbas Biniaz, Ataollah Abbasi
Fast FCM with Spatial Neighborhood Information for Brain MR Image Segmentation
Max Gath, Stefan Edelkamp, Otthein Herzog
Agent-Based Dispatching Enables Autonomous Groupage Traffic
Insu Song, John Vong, Nguwi Yok Yen, Joahchim Diederich, Peter Yellowlees
Profiling Bell's Palsy Based on House-Brackmann Score
Raed T. Aldahdooh, Wesam Ashour
DSMK-Means Density-Based Split-And-Merge K-Means Clustering Algorithm

2012, Volume 2, Number 4

Valentino Santucci, Alfedo Milani, Flavio Vella
A Study on the Synchronization Behaviour of Differential Evolution and a Self-Adaptive Extension
Mehdi Hosseinzadeh Aghdam
An Improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm and its Application to Text-Independent Speaker Verification System
Shaik Ismail, Abhay A. Pashilkar, Ramakalyan Ayyagari, N. Sundararajan
Neural-Sliding Mode Augmented Robust Controller for Autolanding of Fixed Wing Aircraft
Kei Ichiji, Noriyasu Homma, Masao Sakai, Ivo Bukovsky, Xiaoyong Zhang, Makoto Osanai, Makoto Abe, Norihiro Sugita, Makoto Yoshizawa
Intelligent Sensing and Monitoring - Respiratory Motion Prediction for Tumor Following Radiotherapy
Ali Chaibakhsh, Naz Chaibakhsh, Mehdi Abbasi, Ardalan Norouzi
Orthonormal Basis Function Fuzzy Systems for Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes Modeling

2012, Volume 2, Number 3

Abdeslem Boukhtouta, Jean Berger, Abraham George, Warren B. Powell
An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach for Semi-Cooperative Multi-Agent Resource Management
Wesam Ashour, Tzai Der Wanga, Colin Fyfe
Reservoir Computing and Data Visualisation
Kohjiro Hashimoto, Kae Doki, Shinji Doki
Estimation of Next Human Action and its Timing Based on the Human Action Model Considering Time Series Information of the Situation
Ana Salazar-Gonzalez, Yongmin Li, Xiaohui Liu
Automatic Graph Cut Based Segmentation of Retinal Optic Disc by Incorporating Blood Vessel Compensation
Selma Tekir, Florian Mansmann, Daniel Keim
Geodesic Distances for Clustering Linked Text Data
G A Vijayalakshmi Pai, Thierry Michel
Metaheuristic Optimization of Marginal Risk Constrained Long-Short Portfolios

2012, Volume 2, Number 2

Yogesh K Anand and Sanjay Srivastava and Kamal Srivastava
An Integrated Ann-Emo Approach to Reduce the Risk of Occupational Health Hazards
Dandan Huang, Kai Qian, Simon Oxenham, Ding-Yu Fei, Ou Bai
Event-Related Desynchronization/Synchronization-Based Volitional Cursor Control in a Two-Dimensional Center-Out Paradigm
Sebastia Massanet, Joan Torrens
On Some Properties of ( H; E)-Implications. Distributivities with T-Norms and T-Conorms
Fahem Kebair
A Layered Multiagent Decision Support System for Crisis Management
Falko Guderian, Rainer Schaffer, Gerhard Fettweis
Administration- and Communication-Aware IP Core Mapping in Scalable Multiprocessor System-On-Chips via Evolutionary Computing
Mohammed El-Abd
On the Hybridization of the Artificial Bee Colony and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms

2012, Volume 2, Number 1

Diego Peteiro-Barral, Bertha Guijarro-Berdinas, Beatriz Perez-Sanchez
Learning from Heterogeneously Distributed Data Sets Using Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
Sabeur Elkosantini, Salima Mnif, Habib Chabchoub
An Adaptative System for Signposted Intersection Control : ASSINC
Yi Hu, Charles Frank, James Walden, Emily Crawford, Dhanuja Kasturiratna
Mining File Repository Accesses for Detecting Data Exfiltration Activities
Abhijit Gosavi, Susan Murray Jiaqiao Hu, Shuva Ghosh
Model-Building Adaptive Critics for Semi-Markov Control
Paulo S. Prampero, Romis Attux
Magnetic Particle Swarm Optimization

2011, Volume 1, Number 4

Fran Sergio Lobato, Valder Steffen Jr
A New Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm Based on Differential Evolution and Neighborhood Exploring Evolution Strategy
Brahim Douar, Chiraz Latiri, Michel Liquiere, Yahya Slimani
FGMAC: Breadth-First Frequent Subgraph Mining with ARC Consistency
Andreas Kroll
On Choosing the Fuzziness Parameter for Identifying TS Models with Multidimensional Membership Functions
Sbastien Dourlens, Amar Ramdane-Cherif
Modeling & Understanding Environment Using Semantic Agents
Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis, Draguna Vrabie, Frank L. Lewis
Online Learning Algorithm for Zero-Sum Games with Integral Reinforcement Learning
D. A. Georgiou, S. Botsios, V. Mitropoulou, M. Papaioannou, C. Schizas, G. Tsoulouhas
Learning Style Recognition Based on an Adjustable Three-Layer Fuzzy Cognitive Map

2011, Volume 1, Number 3

Sarah Greenfield, Francisco Chiclana
Type-Reduction of the Discretised Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Set: Approaching the Continuous Case Through Progressively Finer Discretisation
Fran Sergio Lobato, Valder Steffen Jr, Antonio J. Silva Neto
Solution of Singular Optimal Control Problems Using the Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm
Yoshiaki Hayashi, Kazuo Kiguchi, Rajiv Dubey
Control of a Redundant 7DOF Upper-Limb Power-Assist Exoskeleton Robot
Christian Becker-Asano, Hiroshi Ishiguro
Intercultural Differences in Decoding Facialexpressions of the Android Robot Geminoid F
Yoshihiko Kayama, Yasumasa Imamura
Network Representation of the Game of Life
Yaw Chang, Yishi Wang, Cuixian Chen, Karl Ricanek
Improved Image-Based Automatic Gender Classification by Feature Selection

2011, Volume 1, Number 2

Stephen Hobson, Jim Austin
Improved Storage Capacity in Correlation Matrix Memories Storing Fixed Weight Codes
Krzysztof Patan, Maciej Patan
Optimal Training Strategies for Locally Recurrent Neural Networks
Bruno Apolloni, Simone Bassis, Cristian Mesiano, Salvatore Rinaudo, Angelo Ciccazzo, Angelo Marotta
Statistical Parameter Identification of Analog Integrated Circuit Reverse Models
P.Vivekanandan, R. Nedunchezhian
Mining Rules of Concept Drift Using Genetic Algorithm
Mahdi Bazarganigilani
Optimized Image Feature Selection Using Pairwise Classifiers
Ieroham S. Baruch, Sergio-Miguel Hernandez, Eloy Echeverria Saldierna
Decentralized and Centralized Indirect Adaptive I-Term Neural Control of a Distributed Parameter Bioprocess Plant

2011, Volume 1, Number 1

Zhirong Yang, Erkki Oja
Projective Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Based on Alpha-Divergence
Karim El-Laithy, Martin Bogdan
Synchrony State Generation: an Approach Using Stochastic Synapses
Judith Redi, Paolo Gastaldo, Rodolfo Zunino
A Two-Layer Neural System for Reduced-Reference Visual Quality Assessment
Vu Nam Tran, Mietek A. Brdys
Optimizing Control by Robustly Feasible Model Predictive Control and Application to Drinking Water Distribution Systems
Dimitris C. Theodoridis, Yiannis S. Boutalis, Manolis A. Christodoulou
Robustifying Analysis of the Direct Adaptive Control Of Unknown Multivariable Nonlinear Systems Based On A New Neuro-Fuzzy Method
Maurizio Fiasche, Francesco C. Morabito, Anju Verma, Nikola Kasabov, Maria Cuzzola, Pasquale Iacopino
Discovering Diagnostic Gene Targets for Early Diagnosis of Acute GVHD Using Methods of Computational Intelligence on Gene Expression Data