Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research


Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research is an online, peer-reviewed scholarly journal in the field of artificial intelligence and soft computing - theory and applications. The aim of the journal is to publish original papers.
Each manuscript is assigned to at least 3 reviewers, assigned by the Editor-in-Chief or one of the Associate Editors.

Reviewers are invited through e-mail to comment on the manuscript. Reviewers who accept the invitation are given access to the manuscript and return their comments through our online editorial system). Reviewers complete a short rating scale, comments for authors, and confidential comments to the Editor. Confidential comments for Editors do not go to authors. The reviewers make an objective, impartial evaluation of scientific merits of the manuscript.

Reviewers who agree to evaluate a manuscript but do not return comments on time are replaced by additional reviewers. The reviewers should address the following points:

  • Is the abstract suitable?
  • How relevant is this work for the scope of JAISCR?
  • Does the introduction clarify background and motivation?
  • Does the authors clarify what has been done and why?
  • Is the order of presentation satisfactory?
  • Are the references adequate?
  • Is the English satisfactory?
  • Technical material should be deleted/added
  • Evaluate solution methods
  • Evaluate experimental methods
  • Level of technical quality
  • Recommendation
  • Comments

The reviewer should indicate one of the following recommendations:

  • Acceptable as submitted
  • Acceptable with minor revisions
  • Resubmit with major revisions
  • Reject

If a manuscript is believed to not meet the standards of the journal or is otherwise lacking in scientific rigor or contains major deficiencies, the reviewers will attempt to assist the authors in successful improvement of their work. If a manuscript is believed to be potentially acceptable for publication but needs to be improved, it is invited for reconsideration with the expectation that the authors will fully address the reviewer's suggestions.

When the review process is finished, a decision letter will be sent to the authors, including the comments of the referee(s). Any corrections suggested by the reviewers, should be made within the period of time indicated in the letter. All of the comments raised by the referees should be addressed and point by point responses (as specific as possible) should be provided in a separate document. If the paper is accepted after major revisions, it will be submitted again for peer review to the same evaluators. After a second review of the corrected manuscript, a final decision letter concerning publication is sent to the authors.

A list of JAISCR and ICAISC Reviewers is placed HERE.

To review the manuscript, please go to the JAISCR Review System(